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Maryland Interior Designer

Crafting timeless spaces that transcend the ordinary.  

An intimate boutique experience that transforms everyday living into an enduring expression of your personal narrative.

With an artful balance of sophistication and warmth, Mudan Interior Design curates timeless environments that not only meet your aspirations for luxury and exclusivity but also stand as testaments to impeccable craftsmanship and artistic inspiration. It’s not just design; it’s your life, elevated.


Esther Chi, principal designer, has over 15+ years of interior architectural and luxury hotel and residential design experience.  As a certified Maryland interior designer, Mudan Interior Design integrate architectural details with curated selection of furnishings and styling to deliver a cohesive, integral design.  And functionality never takes a back seat.  In fact, every design decision is intended to provide order with style and to make your space not just beautiful but also practically livable. 

Mudan Interior Design specializes in full-scope interior design for new home constructions, renovations and home refurnishing projects.  We serves Bethesda, MD, Potomac, MD, Arlington, VA, McLean, VA, Washington, D.C. and surrounding areas.

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At Mudan Interior Design, we craft more than just spaces—we create experiences that elevate your everyday living. With a commitment to deliver designs that are as unique as you are, we go beyond the off-the-shelf options.  Our promise to you is a stress-free design journey guided by a meticulously developed process that will leave you confident in your choices which will result in a design that radiates not just beauty but individuality.

custom home designs
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Bringing on a certified interior designer is an investment in itself because we are here to guide you to make well-informed and value-added design choices with confidence.  Additionally, you will avoid making costly mistakes and stay on budget.


We eliminate stress by streamlining choices, pinpointing effective solutions, and overseeing all vendors and professional involved.  Therefore, your valuable time won’t be wasted and your project will stay on track to meet the desired time frame and budget.


Transforming a house into a custom home is an exciting journey.  By eliminating stress from the equation, you can fully immerse yourself in the enjoyable process of watching your vision come to fruition.  You have the freedom to engage in the process as much or as little as you desire.


Interior design is an intricate tapestry of decisions and executions, a process where refinement inevitably takes time—often more than one initially anticipates. Engaging with a Maryland interior designer early in the journey allows for a well-thought-out plan to be set in motion.  Therefore, We invite you to reach out to us for a complimentary Discovery Call to set the foundation for a design journey tailored just for you.

Maryland Interior Designer

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"Esther has been a pleasure to work with... Her professionalism, design sense, and organizational skills are top notch. She has an extensive network of furniture, fabric, and lighting contacts and has made the design process for my new build as seamless as it could be. Even though the house is "done", I'm still working with Esther on several smaller projects to put the finishing touches on and have recommended her to other friends that need design help. You won't be disappointed!"